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We take pride in our number one seller- Salal Tips bunches fresh from the forests of the great Pacific Northwest.  This lustrous and thick dark green leaf is extremely long lasting and easy to work with.  We have stems in a vase still going strong after 3 months!  The underside of the leaf is a light green giving it a natural two tone effect.  Florists and designers like to use Salal Tips on smaller designs as the number of leaves per stem is less than Salal Longs.  Growing only along the coast of the NW these are the top florist green and are shipped worldwide.  Highly sought after for wedding and bouquet work, Salal holds its own against any other cut green.  Used for corsages, arrangements big and small, and to line tables and fill out corporate displays.  Gaultheria shallon is the botanical name of this incredible shrub and it is available almost year round except sometimes June and the first part of July.  If you order in advance of this period we can usually guarantee product for you.  Salal Tips are graded into bundles of 18"- 20" stems and then 3/4 lbs are pulled to make a bunch.  25 bunches are then placed in a box for a full case of Salal Tips.  We have some of the best pricing on Salal around and can also accommodate large standing wholesale orders.

Customer Reviews

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Maggie Jones
Great quality as usual!

Salal tips were beautiful, and the bunches were a very generous size.

Wendy Starrett
Great service

Wonderful personal service and absolutely perfect salal and seeded eucalyptus, tailored for our needs!

Kerry Johnson
Wedding Centerpieces

Centerpieces were amazing. We created them from Salal tips, seeded Eucalyptus and baby's breath.

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