Connected to the Earth

Pacific Garland

From our humble beginnings in Boulder, Colorado as specialty cut flower growers to working with Western greens in Oregon it has been an incredible journey.  With over 20 years of experience in the floral and wedding industry we are well poised to make our mark in the specialty garland market.


     Meet Jung Houck, founder and principle designer for Pacific Garland...




Jung brings with her over 20 years of experience in the floral industry as both a flower grower and a floral designer. Jung was the co-founder of Accent Gardens, a 35 acre farm located in Boulder, Colorado.  The Sisters of the Abbey of St. Walburga convent allowed her to farm their land in exchange for flowers for their chapel and occasionally to  help wrangle errant escapee cows.  Managing wholesale sales, farmers markets and creating masterful wedding and event flowers were part of daily life.  Hand crafting our own beautifully preserved juniper berry and oak wreaths was a major event around the farm every fall.  She is an enthusiast  of fly fishing, golfing and coaching volleyball when she is not creating custom wedding and special event garland.  Relocating to Portland with her husband and two children has renewed her passion for creating beauty with what the earth, especially the forests, provide naturally here on the Pacific Coast.  From 'forest to table', special event to celebration, she takes special care to create garland that enhances any occasion.



Steve Houck, working in the background...  

Steve Houck Pacific Garland


Steve has been a grower and producer of cut flowers and wreaths for well over 20 years.  Managing the production aspects of planting, cutting, post harvest and coolers were his main tasks, but he was always had an eye on the future.  He set up a specialized facility to naturally preserve cut aspen, juniper and oak branches for wreath making and special events. In Colorado, he had one of the largest cut flower peony farms and now travels to Alaska to look at the peony market there.  Stay tuned for potential opportunities with peonies and convallaria (Lily of the Valley) in the future!  Looking ahead with garland he sees many opportunities to incorporate flowering branches, berries and other fresh greens that no one else is working with. 


 Making our mark in the garland scene

Premium Specialty Garland from Pacific Garland


Pacific Garland is located in vibrant Portland, OR in the shadow of Mt Hood.  We are  in the heart of the Western Greens market where Salal, red and green Huckleberry (Huck), Oregonia and the beautiful Port Orford and Western Red Cedar come from.  We incorporate these wonderful local products as the backbone of our garland as well as the incredible selection of Oregon berry branches, curly willow, flowering stems and even Magnolia. We have made many types of Eucalyptus a staple with our garland that is a sight to behold!  Finally, we have made it a point to use greens from the South like Plumosa and Tree Fern to some of the most exquisite greens around the world like Ruscus.


We are here for one reason- You!  We strive to create the most incredible garland in the market bar none.  It is our  raison d'etre and we strive to make it happen each and every day so that your special event is truly special.