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Here are some helpful suggestions and information for ordering and receiving your garland



1) What do I need to know when placing my order?

With so many choices it may seem daunting to place an order but it really is a simple process that is broken down in three steps- feet required, foliage or greens selection and date needed. Let’s break down these three steps:

Feet Required

Walk around your event area and visualize the different lengths and placement of the garland.  Then measure all the sections and lengths needed and add them up grouping similar items together.  Maybe you have two 4’ table runners with Salal and one 27’ mixed garland- all these can easily be selected during checkout on our website.  The important thing to make note of is to have fun with this process and be creative!  Garland can be used to accentuate areas of your event, but also to hide or cover up other items like cords or old railings. 

Greens Selection

With your feet selected, choose the greens you’d like for your garland.  Our website has great photos of different combinations of garland and individual greens to assist you.  Here you can really be creative and select greens that will make your special event shine.

Date Needed

During checkout just add the actual date of your event and when you would like your garland to arrive (usually 1-2 days before the event) and we’ll take care of the rest.


2) How is your garland made?

All of our garland is handmade here in Portland, Oregon.  Our owner still handcrafts every foot of our garland with her years of experience.  She selects and trims each and every branch to weave a masterpiece that flows from end to end onto our strong core wire.

3) Do you have a minimum order size?

Our minimum order size is 12’, however we are more than happy to make different combinations of lengths.  For example, you could have four 3.5’ table runner garland to meet the minimum.

4) What is the 'Designers Choice' garland?

Our special ‘Designers Choice’ namesake garland is specifically designed by our founder, Jung Houck, using seasonally available items on a Salal base.  She creates a personal masterpiece each time that is uniquely different using select greens, berries or even branches.  This is a great option if you are unsure of what to order or want outstanding quality on a moment’s notice. Many people will even order these garland weeks in advance and let Jung intertwine her eye for color and texture.

5) What is the 'Signature Series' garland?

Our unique ‘Signature Series’ of garland are distinctive combinations of leaf textures, floral greens, branches or berries not found anywhere else in the market.  These combinations are show stoppers and will be sure to draw attention at your special event. They are festive and fun and we will be introducing new ones each year. 

6) How are you different and why should we order from you?

We take great pride in our process from start to finish.  We are dealing with a perishable product and our decades of experience in the floral industry gives us an edge in the selection of the greens we use, expert hand creativity, and proper packing and cold storage. Our attention to detail, customer service and our ability to create garland that is unique to each event sets us apart.  Our garland is all made with a strong, but flexible core wire that runs the full length.  This enables you to place and shape the garland exactly how you need to when it is displayed.  Our garland is extremely strong and can be accentuated with flowers, ribbons and bows, lights or stand beautifully on its own.  You can even hang other items on it without fear of it breaking or coming apart. Simply put, our garland holds up like no other and looks beautiful!

7) Does the garland have loops or hooks for hanging?

Yes, we have strong wire loops on each end.  These loops are about ½” to 1” wide and are extremely helpful when hanging or placing your garland.  You can even add sections together if needed by wiring two loops together.

8) Do you finish both ends?

We normally finish one end only.  If you would like both ends finished lets us know in the comments section of the order.  There is a small extra charge for this service.

9) How much extra do I need if hanging garland with a swag?

We recommend multiplying the linear feet by 1.5 to calculate the correct length when using a swag.  For example, if your mantel length is 10’, you would need 15’ to place a swag in the garland when hung.

10) Can I order bulk greens from you?

Yes!  We are excited to offer our selection of floral greens for sale in bulk.   All greens include free shipping and are a great way to really finish out your event area with accents and filler greens.  Greens are generally sold in bundles of 5, 10 and 20 bunches.  The case size is usually 20 bunches and will be the best value.




1) Do you have seasonal items or are they available year round?

Most of our garlands and greens are available almost all year round.  The caveat is almost.  Since we are working with living and growing products it is natural that they would have seasons.  We do our best to have product on hand, but seasonal availability, weather and transportation come into play.  We will always contact you as soon as we know about any issues at hand or that we foresee for your order.

2) Salal Seasonality

Salal is a wonderful product that is available almost an incredible 11 months a year.  Unfortunately, that one month is June which is right in the middle of wedding season.  Usually, the month of June and first week or two of July salal is flushing new tender growth and cannot be cut.  During this time period we have developed ways to extend our season and take orders for late May, June and early July on a first come first served basis. Please contact us early if you would like salal in your garland at this time.

3) Eucalyptus Seasonality

Eucalyptus greens are usually available year round.  The main issue with these products is bad weather and that usually means rain, and lots of it.  When this happens it makes it too hard to get into the fields to cut the product.  Also, during periods of new growth it cannot be cut as the tips are too soft.  One of our most popular items right now is Seeded Eucalyptus and, unfortunately, it is not available year round.  Seeded Euc develop the beautiful seeds/berries in late summer and generally flush from August-April making it hard to come by for summer weddings.   Many times we can still source it, but with all Eucalyptus where we will let you know if there is an availability issue.  The great thing about Eucalyptus is there is always one to work with from Seeded to Baby, Silver Dollar, Willow or even Gunnii.

4) Berry Seasonality

Berries are usually available from late July thru December.  That is the general season here in Oregon that we try to work with.




1) What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin and checks if sent early enough so they clear two weeks before your order ships.  Locally, we accept all the previous payments as well as that harder to find cash option.


1) What is the cost of shipping my garland?

Our entire line of garland includes free FedEx shipping to the domestic 48 United States.  We receive the best volume rates in the industry and pass those on to you with an ‘all in’ door to door price that includes box charge, packing and FedEx shipping.  There is an extra charge for shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.  At the moment we are not shipping to Canada and the Caribbean, but are looking to add these locations in the future.  Please inquire about these or any other locations and we may be able to work it out.

2) What shipping companies do you work with?

We primarily use FedEx for overnight and two day shipping.  We also use Alaska Airlines for same day shipments that need to be picked up at your receiving airport that Alaska serves. This could be an option for Saturday or Sunday shipments or during extreme heat or cold days.  We usually reserve this for weekend deliveries or larger orders and charge an additional fee to process and ship these orders.  Please contact us for a quote if this service is needed. We also can arrange local delivery in the immediate Portland area for a $20 minimum fee.  You are also welcome to pick up your order at our location in SW Portland.

3) What days do you ship on?

We primarily ship on Tuesday for Thursday delivery or Wednesday for Friday delivery.  We can arrange for a Saturday delivery for an extra fee from FedEx or Alaska Airlines.  Sunday or Monday deliveries are only handled through Alaska Airlines and only to one of their destination airports.  We do not use FedEx for Monday deliveries due to long hold and delivery time over the weekend.  Since most weddings and parties are on the weekends our normal FedEx pickup days of Tuesday or Wednesday work well.  Corporate events and conferences can be any day of the week and we have great options covered for these events.


4) What time does my order arrive?

Your order from FedEx will generally arrive 2nd day by 10am.  In the heat of the summer or very cold areas of the country we ship overnight by 10am or 8pm.  It depends on your location and we will confirm this so you can try to have someone to receive the order.


Order Arrival

1) When my garland arrives how should I store it until it is used?

Orders arrive packed in a shipping box with the garland freshly bagged inside and will be ready for a light misting- especially in the heat of the summer.  If you have the option of a walk in cooler, wine cellar or just a cool garage or basement you’ll be set.  Even if you don’t have these, keep the garland in original bag, out of direct sun and heat until the event. Remember, in the winter to keep your garland from freezing. 

2) What if there is an issue upon receipt of my order?

It is very important for you to notify us within 24 hrs of your order delivery if there are any issues.  Time is of the essence as we want to make sure your special event goes off without a hitch.  Since we are working with fresh floral greens, please be aware that each garland may have slight natural variations from leaf to leaf and stem to stem.  Some greens shed more than others and this is completely normal and is to be expected.  If there are any problems we will work with you and/or the shipper to correct the issue. We may send replacement product or offer a credit for future orders.  Please save all packaging and boxes for possible inspection by the shipper.

3) How long will my garland last?

Your garland should easily last 3-5 days and in some cases much longer depending on the greens selected.  Be mindful of the seasons and if it will be outdoors in the hot sun or used indoors.  Using garland outside in the hot summer is not a problem, but it is best to actually put it up the morning of the event or the evening before if you have to.  Make sure to mist the garland the next morning if placed from the night before.  One of the nice things about using garland is it will usually dry beautifully just the way you displayed it.  Salal, Ruscus, Magnolia and most Eucalyptus dry very well and we have many short table runners or mantle pieces that look great 5 months later!  Be mindful of some of the Florida greens that do not dry well such as Plumosa, Sprengeri and Tree Fern.


Refunds, Cancellations & Credits

1) Can I cancel or change an order after it has been placed?

You may cancel any order up to one week from the ship date.  After that, we will do credit only for a future order.  We do this so we can guarantee to have design items on hand to make your garland as some items will have to be sourced and picked up.  Changes to an existing order can generally be made up to one week prior to shipping if we are able to supply the new or different greens.  Depending on changes and greens needed there may or may not be an additional charge to modify an existing order.  We strive to accommodate all orders and changes as best as we can so that you are happy with your garland.

2) Do you offer refunds or credits?

We do not offer refunds, only replacement product or future order credits.  In the rare event of a damaged shipment we will work with the shipper and will forward replacement product or a future order credit.  Please keep all original boxes and notify us within 24 hrs of delivery of any problems.  We take great pride in our product and stand behind our work 100% as we know that you are receiving the best garland available.  Also, make sure to double check all delivery dates, type and feet of garland needed when you place your order so you have everything that you need.



If you need more information or have additional questions please contact us

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