Salal- the king of the forest floor

Salal-  the king of the forest floor

This incredible plant, Gaultheria shallon, has helped sustain and build the forests of the Pacific Northwest for thousands of years.  It binds the soil to help prevent erosion by growing into short dense thickets.  Growing in the coastal areas it is prized in the floral trade for its lustrous shiny evergreen leaves where only the tips are harvested creating a healthy symbiotic relationship with man. 

We take pride in using salal as the base for most all of our garland. It is one of the longest lasting cut greens in the world and will easily last over three months in a vase!  It's thick rich leaves are easy to work with and are almost wilt-proof providing you the best foliage for your garland. Truly a 'Forest to Table' product.

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