Moon Gate Garland- Eucalyptus

Our fresh Eucalyptus Moon Gate garland is extra wide at 18" to 22" (our regular garland is 8" to 10") and specifically made to cover large Moon Gate installations.  It makes installing the base for any Moon Gate a quick five minute task! These garland are also great on tables where full coverage is needed.  We make these with Eucalyptus that are in season from Baby Blue, Willow, Silver Dollar to Seeded.

We usually suggest ordering three sections for the larger 6' and above Moon Gates.  To figure out how much you will need we break out a little high school geometry. To compute the circumference or distance around the entire hoop we use the circumference formula: C= pi*d.  As an example, an 8' diameter Moon Gate would need (3) 10' sections.  Using the formula it would be:

C= 3.14(pi) * 8 (d)
C=25.12 feet + 3' for overlap=  28.12 feet

This 25.12' is the exact distance around the hoop, but you'll need at least 1' extra for each section for overlap. We always suggest breaking it up into (3) sections for easier handling. Using (3) 9' sections would give you 27' and so you'll end up short on coverage and is why we'd use (3) 10' sections on an 8' Moon Gate.

For reference here is a sizing guide:   
6' Moon Gate= (3) 7' sections
8' Moon Gate= (3) 10'sections
10' Moon Gate= (4) 9' sections
12' Moon Gate= (4) 11' sections

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Customer Reviews

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We could not have been happier with the garland Jung and her team made for a very important wedding event.

garland for wedding arbor

The arbor turned out beautiful! I pieced the garland together like Jung directed, added some roses and babies breath and it was done.

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